Footage of John Macris killing emerges as police probe sports betting link

The killer, possibly a hired hitman from Albania, runs toward the passenger side car window and can be seen firing three shots from a handgun.

It is understood that at this point Macris escaped the car trying to get away, but the killer circled the back of the vehicle and shot him again front on.

The killer can be seen firing three shots from a handgun into the car.Credit:Kathimerini

Police retrieved six 9mm bullet casings from the scene. Macris died at the scene after being shot four times in the stomach, chest and shoulder blade. When the Herald visited the crime scene, less than 24 hours after the shooting, drops of Macris’ blood were still visible on the road.

Greek police are exploring whether Macris, who had no criminal record in Greece, was a member of the local mafia. On the night he was killed, Macris had been heading to open his new security business, which may have been a factor in his death. But there was also talk amongst locals that the Lamborghini-driving 46-year-old was involved in a sports betting company. Police are now investigating whether this may have been the cause of his death.

Police are examining bank accounts and money transfers made by Macris to determine if he was involved in gambling other people’s money on an illegal online betting company, most likely based in Asia. They are exploring the prospect of whether Macris may have racked up an enormous debt that he could not repay.

The coffin of John Macris leaves the church, with widow Viktoria Karyda following.Credit:Latika Bourke

However, it remains unlikely that police will catch the killer even if they work out the motive.  Sources said similar killings are typically carried out by hired hitmen from Albania who flee immediately after committing the crime, using two or three getaway vehicles to make their escape.

There have been seven shootings in Athens this year, starting a turf war that Macris was widely thought to have been a part of.

Macris was farewelled at a small funeral ceremony in Voula on Sunday. His body will be buried in Sydney.

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