Formula 1 Betting Guide For Beginners

Formula One, commonly known as F1, is the most watched single-seater auto racing in the world; as such, it is also the most common auto racing sport to wager on.

The good thing about F1 is that there is a pool of professional drivers to choose from as well as numerous international Grands Prix available for wagering every year. What is more, the variety of the F1 betting markets is just as astonishing as the sport itself.

As you can see, the available betting markets and annual Grands Prix make betting on F1 truly appealing. In order to be a successful sports punter, however, F1 betting enthusiasts need to know the basics of F1 wagering.

In today’s guide, we will brief punters on successful F1 betting, focusing on some key elements new handicappers should consider before making an account at any sportsbook.

F1 Betting Markets

Before explaining some of the most common F1 betting markets, we would like to suggest your betting on the web. Online F1 betting is preferred as sports betting sites tend to offer more competitive odds, and, unlike land-based betting shops, web-based sportsbooks boast a far wider range of available betting markets. Having said that, let us proceed to explaining common F1 betting markets.

To-Win Betting

One of the most common betting types, available in the betting markets of every other sport is the “to-win” bet. Here, punters simply back a driver to win a race.

Podium Finish

Podium finish is another common betting type, which can also be found in betting on horse races. This type of bet deals with the position on which a driver finishes a race. Most commonly, punters back a driver to finish first, second, or third. What should be remembered about this type of bet is that the payout does not vary depending on where a driver finishes a race – they just have to end up in the top three.

Driver Matchup

The type of bet F1 punters find most amusing is the driver matchup. Here, punters guess which one of two drivers will finish a race on a higher position. It should be noted that driver matchups are rarely available at land-based betting shops – if you want to take advantage of this type of bet, you will have to choose an online sportsbook.

Basic Tips To Help You Win

Of course, successful F1 betting requires a lot of research and stats analysis. But even if you have mastered the theory, you will still make numerous losing bets, especially if you have no experience.

Whereas we cannot make you more experienced, we can provide some basic tips to help you win big. Read below and start betting!

1. Read race previews

Expert analysts and sports journalists take a lot of effort into providing the public with objective race previews prior to F1 weekends. To be able to make more accurate predictions, we advise you to read these previews, as they often feature valuable insider information regarding teams’ determination and morale.

2. Do not underestimate the weather

Whenever you place a bet on a F1 race, pay attention to the weather. As you probably know, the weather can have a big impact on the track surface, which in turn can lead to an unexpected ending of any F1 Grand Prix.

If you have done your homework diligently, you should already know that rain has caused some of the worst accidents in F1 history.

3. Know that pole position is vital

Pole position is another crucial element in F1 betting, which should be considered. Beginners might be unaware, but its importance varies in different Grands Prix circuits. For example, the Canadian Grand Prix track features numerous sections where drivers can easily overtake one another. Conversely, the Monaco Grand Prix track involves many twisty sections, which makes it harder for drivers to pull ahead of one another. On top of that, the track is also incredibly windy.

Pole position is crucial indeed – about 80% of the last 16 Spanish Grands Prix are won from pole position.

As you can guess, considering pole position when placing a bet on F1 is only a sensible thing to do.

4. Study lap times

Finally, we advise you to study lap times in depth, as it can provide invaluable insight into additional car upgrades. Lap times in the first two Free Practice races allow punters to understand for the first time new circuits’ pace, and also provide information regarding a driver’s determination. Naturally, if a driver crashes during a Free Practice, this can dramatically affect their performance in the remaining Grand Prix races.

All in all, betting on F1 can bring you substantial profits when done right. We advise beginners to thoroughly research the sport and available betting market before proceeding to betting.

A Beginner’s Guide to Placing a Sports Bet Online

As far as entertainment goes, there is no better way to spend a weekend than watching a game of football or baseball. Of course, if you really want to get caught up in the action, then sports betting is the way to go. It gives you the chance to put your money where your mouth is and see if you are as good of a game predictor as you think you are.

Now, you may have realized that times are changing with sports betting. These days, people aren’t lining up at bookmakers, waiting for a chance to place a bet. Instead, these processes can be taken care of online. Still, although it may sound simple enough, there are a few things that you need to know before you get started.

Understand the Laws in Place

America has had a rather contentious relationship with sports wagers. For quite a while, the practice was actually banned there but then the Supreme Court lifted these sanctions. Despite this, there is still some uncertainty when it comes to placing wagers. This is largely because the Federal and State laws are at odds with each another.

To make sure you are on the right side of the law, do your research on websites like Betting Top 10.’s USA section has a list of states with Legal Online Sports Betting to allow users to know what the laws are in their state and which sportsbooks are licensed to operate there.

Take the Time to Study

It’s not all fun and games with sports wagering. On the surface, it may appear simple enough to place a bet. However, there is more to it than you might think. For one thing, did you know that there are several kinds of wagers you can place?

The most common is a moneyline wager, also known as a win bet. This is simply predicting who the winner of a match or game is going to be. Nonetheless, your options don’t stop here. You also have the chance to place wagers on point spreads, over/under, prop, futures, parlay, and more. Obviously, when you are first starting out, it is best to stick with the wager you find the easiest to understand and place.

Analyze the Structure of a Wager

Even with the simplest sports wager, you need to do more than just place money on your favorite team. This is because there are five different elements to a bet. Let’s take a closer look at these:

The first stage involves the two sides of a wager. For instance, let’s imagine that you want to place a bet when the LA Rams are playing the Minnesota Vikings. Obviously, you will have a favorite in mind and therefore, you will take that side ­– for the sake of an example, let’s assume that you are a Rams fan. This means that the bookmaker will be taking the opposing position with the Vikings.

The next step is choosing a winner. Since it has been presumed that you are rooting for the Rams, you will be selecting “Rams to Win”. Then, it is a matter of deciding your stake. This is the amount of money you will place on your team to win. There is typically a minimum stake mentioned but this tends to be quite low so that anyone can join in.

After this, you will have to see what odds the bookmaker has for you. The odds are what will determine how much the bookmaker will have to pay you, should your guess be proven correct. If there is a good chance that the Rams will actually win the game, you can expect low. However, if it seems like the Vikings may easily beat them, then your odds will be high.

Always Have a Plan

Placing a wager on a team, player, or any outcome can be exhilarating and thus, will bring out a few emotions in you. This is why it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and end up wagering or losing a lot more than you intended. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this scenario.

You can set limits for yourself by creating a plan for your finances. First, set a total limit – this will be the final sum that you spend during a week or month. Then, determine just how much money you are willing to lose on any particular wager. Make sure that you never bet more than this amount.

Prepare Yourself for Anything

The best – and sometimes the worst – thing about sports is that anything is possible. Just consider what happened when the Ram’s running back Todd Gurley decided to get tackled rather than go for a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers. Sure, the Rams won the game in the end but Gurley’s simple action cost some bettors thousands of dollars. This shows, more than anything else, how important it is to carefully consider your wagers.

Sure, all of this may seem like a lot of information and quite a bit of work as well. However, once you get the hang of sports wagers, there is actually a lot of fun to be had. Not to mention, you stand a chance to win quite a bit of money too.

Morgan Stanley predicts sports betting will be big business

Morgan Stanley is wagering that sports betting — partially fueled by interest in NFL stars like Eli Manning — will pay off handsomely for casinos in the next few years.

The Wall Street firm, which is advising MGM on a possible bid for Caesars Resorts, believes there could be $216 billion legally wagered on sports by 2025, according to a recent report reviewed by The Post.

In what it calls a bull-case scenario that bookies could only dream of, the average US adult would lose $43.50 a year betting on sports, which is broadly in line with figures in Europe and Australia, where sports betting is legal, Morgan Stanley says.

That $216 billion would result in $11 billion in revenue for the casino operators, Morgan Stanley says. That revenue figure would be equal to last year’s North American movie box office sales.

Part of the reason MGM Resorts, or any other operator, would buy Caesars Entertainment is that Caesars owns 49 casinos across 13 states, making it one of the bigger beneficiaries from legalized sports betting. Caesars is forecast to have a 9 percent sports betting market share, Morgan Stanley says.

The Supreme Court in May struck down a federal ban on sports betting, and now each state is deciding whether to legalize the activity.

States that legalize are expected to issue gaming licenses to those already operating within their borders.

“I see sports betting as fuel for consolidating everyone,” Chris Grove, a managing director at Eilers & Krejcik Gaming told The Post, making regional operators more valuable.

Morgan Stanley on Oct. 23 moved its call on Caesars to overweight, citing the benefits of sports betting, and last week upgraded sports bookmaker William Hill to overweight.

Its bull-case forecast assumes all states legalize sports betting.

Grove said that the early New Jersey sports betting numbers indicate that Morgan Stanley’s bullish projections (as well as his own) could come true.

Morgan Stanley declined to comment.